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Please click here if you would like to contribute to the CCLA Political Action Committee. Please send checks and completed form to the CCLA office

To: Laboratory CEO

From: Kristian E. Foy, Legal Counsel
               Michael J. Arnold, Legislative Advocate

Subject: The Importance of Participating in the CCLA PAC

999The California Clinical Laboratory Association (CCLA) has been a very effective voice in the state capitol. To continue to be successful in lobbying the state legislature, we must increase our ability to support candidates who are philosophically aligned with our positions. The key to this effort is the CCLA Political Action Committee (CCLA PAC). The CCLA PAC is a separate entity formed by members of CCLA to make contributions to candidates for the California state legislature. CCLA PAC provides a direct link between the clinical laboratory industry and the public policy decision makers of California state government. If our interests and concerns are to be considered by the legislature, we must be unified. Our legislative advocacy program depends upon the CCLA PAC as an essential component of an over-all strategy which also includes active involvement of our membership in legislative districts and effective persuasion by our legislative advocates in the state capitol.

The job of the PAC is to assist the efforts of the association by supporting legislators who support high quality laboratory testing.

Legitimate participation in the political process through supporting candidates with philosophical views consistent with those of the participating business entity or association is not only appropriate but is considered by many to be one responsibility which all private business entities should assume in a democratic society.

Being politically active is no longer a choice. Any group that is not politically active will not have their views reflected in the legislative and administrative actions taken in Sacramento.

All CCLA members should contribute to the CCLA PAC. Under California law, business and/or corporate contributions are permitted. The maximum allowable contribution to the CCLA PAC for 2023 is $9,100 per calendar year. Please send your check today payable to “CCLA PAC.”